How to Measure Ring Size at Home [2019 Update]

Determine how to measure your ring size - without leaving your home!  There's a handful of helpful ways to get your ring size online with printable size charts, ring sizer tools, and a pen and piece of paper.  Don't make the mistake of ordering the average ring size by height and weight as this is a sure fire way to end up with a mens wedding ring that doesn't fit!  Pillar Styles will also mail you a free ring sizer in addition to using these methods.

Not located in the USA? No problem! Pillar Styles has customers across the globe ranging from New Zealand, Singapore, and Russia.  Using the conversion chart will help you easily determine the right wedding ring size.  Click here to access the ring size conversion chart.  Oh, and you also get free shipping anywhere in the world.

How Do I Find My Ring Size?

It's actually a pain free and easy process to measure your ring size from home.  Before you begin, do you currently wear a ring or have one around the house?  Try that ring on for size to determine if you need adjustments. 

It's best to get your ring sized at a location indoors at room temperature.  Heat and cold conditions can affect your ring size in a big way!  It's best to measure later in the day as ring fingers are slightly smaller in the AM.  Duplicate the ring sizing process a few times to triple check your sizing.

Printable Ring Size Chart for Men & Women

How to measure ring size at home for someone else?  If you'd like the element of surprise and want to purchase a wedding ring discretely, it can be done! 

Download the Printable Ring Size Chart PDF Here.

Printable Ring Size Chart Download

Keep in mind that sizing for wedding rings is the same for men and women.  The only difference will be choice in widths for your ring. Before anything else, check with someone close to your recipient if they know or can find out the ring size.  These should be people that can be trusted to keep a secret like a mother in law, friend, or coworker. 

Does he or she already have a ring?  You'll need to go into stealth mode for this one!  If you can get that pesky inkjet printer to actually work, you'll want to print this ring chart.  Make sure when you print the ring sizer that it is scaled to 100% and "Fit to page".  From there, simply match the ring with the size that matches from the chart.

Ring Sizer with Pen and Paper

Now - to get an accurate ring size for your wedding band, get a pen or pencil, and a piece of paper or string.  It's also worth noting not to measure your ring finger on the wrong hand.  Your ring size on your dominant hand will almost certainly differ from your non-dominant hand.

1. Cut the paper or string and wrap it around your finger.  You'll want to place it closer to the knuckle as the ring needs to slide over that comfortably.  It should be a snug fit so avoid measuring to tight.

2.  With your pencil, make a notation on the paper where it overlaps at the end.  From there, a simple ruler or tape measure to find the length in millimeters.  

3. Record the diameter measurement in millimeters, and then use our ring sizing at home graphic below.

How to Measure Ring Size at Home

Additional Wedding Ring Sizing Tips

  • Pillar Styles features Comfort Fit sizing which allows for slightly more room on the interior of the ring.  If your ring size falls between a half and full size, you'll want to round a size down.  ex: Ring size is 7.75 would order a size 7.5 ring with comfort fit.
  • Bend and Twist!  It's like the dance move, but for your finger.  The wedding band should slide over the knuckle with a slight twist to it.  From there, bend your finger to ensure it's snug enough it won't fall off, but loose enough to slide over the knuckle.
  • If you or your significant other's knuckle is on the larger size, don't size down the comfort fit ring.

Finding how to measure ring size doesn't have to be difficult.  A few minutes of your time is well worth it considering your wedding band will be on for all eternity (hopefully).

Please note - the more methods you use to get your ring size online - the better.  The law of averages will give you the most accurate ring measurement.  Skip the hassle and get the perfect fit the first time around.  Please note - Pillar Styles will mail you a free ring sizer in addition to using these methods!

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