Damascus Steel Rings - Pros and Cons

Damascus Steel rings are comprised of durable stainless steel making it one of the more unique mens wedding bands. Damascus rings are sought after by couples looking for an alternative to the mundane designs you'll see at a big box jeweler.   

You already know the Damascus steel rings look amazing, but what else should you know before purchasing one? Many couples are attracted to damascus steel rings because of the look, durability, and affordable price point.  But questions arise like "will damascus steel rust?" and "how are damascus rings made?".  That why we're here to help! Just like everything in life, there are some pros and cons to consider before purchasing your Damascus ring for your wedding, anniversary, or birthday gift.

The History of Damascus Steel Rings

Damascus Steel has a long history dating back to ancient sword and knife making in Japan. The process of forging two types of steel numerous times created the sharpest, strongest blades in the world that even vikings used. The exact process of Damascus steel is unknown as it was a guarded secret among blacksmiths while they created weapons of war.

Today, we celebrate the centuries old tradition with a damascus ring that is unmatched in strength and epic in its appearance on your finger.  Through a process of billet welding, several types of stainless steel seamlessly mold to create the trademark damascus look.

Damascus Steel Rings Mens Wedding Bands

Damascus Ring Types

There's an endless amount of customization that can be done with your Damascus ring ranging from the a swirl pattern to added inlays.  Damascus wedding bands are like a fingerprint, no one ring will look the same making yours one of a kind.  It's good to know your options! 

One option to customize your Damascus ring is adding an inlay that is offset or centered within the ring.  Some examples are deer antler, gold, rose gold, and opal.  Here's an example of a gold Damascus Ring with an offset inlay:


Damascus Steel Rings Pros

One of the first, and important, distinctions damascus steel rings have is the durability of the band that will stand the test of time.  While you won't be yielding your ring like the vikings did with damascus swords, it can take a beating on your weekend warrior home improvements.  The damascus is scratch resistant and won't degrade or corrode over time.  Keep in mind, there are historic damascus swords that date back centuries!

Some wedding bands require routine maintenance like diamond rings to check the stones and prongs.  Damascus steel rings have minimal upkeep which can be done at home.  After the ring is exposed to the elements over time, it may accrue some dirt and grime from daily use.  However, a simple mix of a mild soap or detergent in warm water will do the trick and keep your damascus ring looking brand new.

A few other pros for damascus steel rings include it being available to remove in case of emergency.  Should an event occur where the ring needs to be removed from your finger, it's able to be cut off.  The stainless steel materials used in ring are eco-friendly and overall production of the damascus ring is much lower compared to other styles.

 Damascus Wedding Bands Pros and Cons

Damascus Steel Rings Cons

Because of the durability of damascus steel, the wedding band will not be able to be resized.  Once the damascus is cast, attempting to resize the hard stainless steel would only result in damaging the ring.  If you are unsure of your size, we offer a free ring sizer that will be mailed to you upon purchase.  

While the the durability of damascus rings is top notch - there's one achilles heel that you should be mindful of.  Damascus does not like chlorine.  If you are swimming, remember to remove your ring.  

One final note to consider is people with allergies to nickel should not wear damascus rings.  It's hypoallergenic with the exception of nickel which can be in the metal alloy composition.

Damascus Steel Rings Pros and Cons Summary


  • Stellar strength and durability dating back centuries 
  • Minimal upkeep & maintenance done at home
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Attractive price point 
  • Epic Appearance on your finger!


  • Damascus Rings cannot be resized
  • Ring should not be subjected to chlorine
  • People allergic to nickel should not wear damascus

Damascus Steel Rings Reviews

Pillar Styles features several variations of unique mens wedding bands in damascus steel.  In addition to standard steel, we carry rings with wood inlays, rose gold, and different swirl and wood grain patterns.  Here are a few damascus steel rings reviews from verified Pillar Styles customers.

Rose Gold Damascus Steel Ring

"I want to start off by saying they're amazing! Seriously.  The quality, now that deserves a whole other rating. The pictures do not do it justice.  If I could give it 10 stars I would. Its stunning and my fiance loves it. If you are looking for something totally different that's great quality and not breaking the bank, this is ring for you. 1000% satisfied!" - Gabrielle 


Damascus Steel Rings Reviews

"Above and beyond!  I wanted something unique and not every band at the local jewelry store. When I stumbled across Pillar I liked the selection, read reviews, and hoped for the best but they delivered. My ring looks better than the photos, has a contour fit that is comfortable, shipped fast and most importantly I was updated and even received a hand written thank you card for my purchase. I will recommend this seller to everyone and I wish more online purchases could be as friendly professional and deliver on the product the way Pillar does. It was truly a pleasure doing business with you!" - Jeremy


Damascus Steel Rings Pros and Cons

"We absolutely love the ring. Couldn’t be happier. The service and delivery was exceptional and can’t be faulted. Thank you so much!" - Kay

View the rose gold damascus wedding band in the photos here.


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