Mens Comfort Fit Ring Sizing FAQ - Pros and Cons


If you're in the market for a wedding band, you may have noticed the term "Comfort Fit Ring" while doing your research.  What is the difference between a comfort fit vs. a standard fit wedding band?  We're glad you asked!  Without knowing the differences, you may end up with a ring that doesn't fit quite the way you anticipated. 

And also something to note, when you select your ring on Pillar Styles and are unsure of your size - we will send you a free ring sizer in the mail. 

Comfort Fit Ring Sizing Vs. Standard

Comfort fit rings are quickly becoming the preferred style of wedding band, especially for men.  Regardless of if the wedding band is compromised of tungsten or titanium, comfort fit sizing means the interior of the ring is slightly domed.  So what exactly does this mean?

Comfort Fit Ring:  Your wedding band will be more comfortable to put on and wear daily.  Comfort fit rings are easier to squeeze over a larger knuckle while maintaining a fit that ensures the ring won't fall off.  The diameter in the middle of the ring is smaller than the edges.  It's new to the scene but is taking over as the predominate mens wedding band style for tungsten, titanium, and stainless steel rings. 

Standard Fit Ring:  The major difference with a standard fit ring is that the band has a strait interior profile.  This can make it more troublesome to slide the wedding band over a large knuckle.  It's similar to an interior of a pipe where the diameter stays the same throughout the ring.  It mainly found in metal rings using white gold or platinum.  

Mens Comfort Fit Ring Sizing


Mens Comfort Fit Ring Sizing Widths

Our most popular width for wedding bands is 8mm.  There's a variety of  ring widths available ranging from 2mm up to 12mm which will make a difference when selecting a comfort fit ring.  The majority of comfort fit rings use materials like tungsten, titanium, ceramic, and cobalt which cannot be resized in the future.  

For rings with a width of 5mm or less, there won't be quite as noticeable of a difference with it being a comfort fit.  However, we encourage comfort fit sizing for any ring with a width of 6mm and up.  The standard ring sizing has been the industry's most prominent fit for decades and should not be a deal breaker for your choice in a wedding band.  But for a piece of jewelry you'll be wearing daily - it should be as comfortable as possible!  

Comfort Fit Wedding Band Reviews

Hear first hand what Pillar Styles customers have said about the fit of their ring!  We have over 280+ 5 Star reviews about our unique womens and mens wedding bands.

"I ordered the whiskey barrel style ring & the fit was perfect! I recommend sizing your finger at a jewelers before ordering. The seller has amazing customer service skills. She worked with me to ensure I ended up with what I wanted." - Shaun A.

"The ring is gorgeous! The sheen on the rosewood is deep. The fit is perfect and production and shipping was very fast. Lovely work." - Dan D.

"An absolute eye-catcher. Fascinatingly beautiful. In every sense. No wonder that he is the bestseller. He fits me like a glove and wears very comfortably. And when the light of the sun or a lamp falls on him, he shines beautifully. He is very well-worked. I am very excited and will definitely look into this shop again and again." - Friedrich G.

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