Ultimate Titanium Wedding Bands Pros and Cons List [Updated 2018]

Choosing a style for your unique wedding band is difficult enough, but what about the metal materials used for it?  Is there an advantage of a titanium ring vs. a tungsten ring?  Titanium Wedding Bands have plenty of pros and cons to consider like price, scratch resistance, and durability.  Let's get educated on the potential drawbacks and benefits of a titanium wedding band.

Quick History of Titanium Rings

Titanium has been used for decades and continues to be an element used in everyday life.  It can be found in drill bits, golf clubs, air crafts and since the early 1990's - wedding rings!  It's in huge abundance, is relatively inexpensive, and is easy to collect from the Earth's crust.  Titanium wedding bands have become an attractive choice for couples seeking a light weight metal that will stand the test of time.

Titanium Wedding Bands Pros 

Let's start off with the advantages for selecting a titanium ring for your wedding band.  The first major factor for titanium wedding bands is the sheer strength of the ring compared to it's weight.  It has the highest strength to weight ratio of all metals and barely feels like you're wearing the ring!  This is for the person who wants a featherweight ring yet desires long term durability.

Titanium wedding bands are also 100% hypoallergenic so you won't have to worry about a skin reaction or green ring around your finger.  Let's put it this way - if titanium is good enough to be used for joint replacement inside of people, you know it will be robust enough to wear as a wedding band!

Titanium rings can be worn all the time.  Planning on going for a swim in the ocean on your honeymoon?  Do you work with your hands for your job?  Titanium wedding bands will hold up to the elements and stand the test of time.  It will never corrode, crack, or tarnish - even after decades of use. 

Titanium Wedding Bands Wood Ring Review

Titanium Wedding Bands Cons

With all of the pros, there must be a few cons about titanium rings, right?  The good news is that they are limited & not a deal breaker for most people.  "Can titanium rings be resized?" is a common question.  Titanium wedding bands are extremely durable but because of this, cannot be resized.  If you lose or gain a significant amount of weight - you may need a back up ring to wear.  Some jewelers will claim they can adjust the size but you risk damage to the ring and a costly repair bill.  

Titanium ring designs are very eclectic but predominately appeal to men.  You won't find intricate designs coupled with lots of gems and jewels which are popular with women.  However, titanium wedding bands can be customized with different inlays.  Examples are antler, turquoise, abalone shell, and wood which make for a stunning ring and will stand out among the sea of bland designs.

Can Titanium Rings Be Resized

Other Titanium Wedding Band Tips

Rather than being a pro or con for titanium rings - here are a few other tips to make note of when shopping for your wedding band.

  • Titanium has different grades - make sure to get the ring specs and ensure it isn't a softer titanium.  Pillar Styles titanium rings are made from grade 5 surgical steel - the best on the market.
  • If you like designs incorporating wood or other materials into your titanium ring - make sure it is an inlay only.  This way, the ring will maintain its shape and style over time.  Avoid purchasing rings that are plated as this will wear and tear quickly.
  • In general, popular titanium wedding bands for men are typically sold with a 6mm or 8mm width.  Womens wedding bands more commonly have widths of 4mm to 6mm.

What Are Others Saying About Titanium Wedding Bands?

Pillar Styles customers have been very satisfied with their titanium ring purchases.  Here's some feedback and reviews from our verified buyers.

Titanium Wedding Bands Pros and Cons

"This ring is exactly what my fiance wanted. He loved the titanium that's lightweight.  We were directed to this exact design that marked everything on our list. They were great about responding to my questions and needs right away and got my ring to me within a weeks time for an amazing deal.  I got a perfectly custom ring and would absolutely recommend Pillar Styles!" - Christine P.


 Titanium Wedding Bands Pros and Cons Review

"Beautiful ring, very well made! They are wonderful to work with... very responsive, kind, and very easy to work with. They accommodated my requested delivery time, kept me updated, and it arrived exactly when they said it would. Highly recommend this store!" - Aimee M.

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Let us know if you have any questions about titanium rings or have a custom design in mind.  We'd love to hear from you!