Thin Abalone Ring Tungsten Wedding Band Silver Ring Unique 4mm Abalone Shell Rings for Women

Thin Abalone Ring Tungsten Wedding Band Silver Ring Unique 4mm Abalone Shell Rings for Women

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Discover the perfect wedding band in the 4mm tungsten ring with a stunning abalone shell inlay. Uniquely tasteful, this timeless piece exudes a tropical overtone, creating an undeniable presence. Its exquisite appearance and daily comfort make it a standout choice, sure to draw compliments and admiration. Choose a powerful and exclusive symbol with this abalone ring that sets you apart.  Your 4mm tungsten ring is backed with an extensive lifetime warranty free of charge.  The meaning behind an abalone ring traditionally symbolizes good luck, protection, and prosperity. 

In natural light, the silver tungsten ring's colorful iridescent abalone shell shimmers in a way that can't be captured by a photo.  To preserve the inlay and elegance of your abalone ring, our ring armor coating ensures protection from water, dirt, and grime, at no extra cost. Your 4mm silver tungsten ring can endure all of life's adventures while maintaining its iconic style for decades. Tungsten's exceptional durability, rated 9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, guarantees a lasting impression with its scratch-resistant, permanent shine. If you are unsure of your size, receive a free ring sizer to ensure the perfect fit for your unique 4mm abalone wedding band.

- Your ring is protected with our extensive lifetime warranty. Should anything happen to your ring, it will be repaired or replaced. This covers almost everything except the ring being lost or stolen. 

- This tungsten band is nickel free, cobalt free, and also hypoallergenic! It won't degrade or turn your finger green - ever!

- Free & secure shipping worldwide with tracking and delivery confirmation

- Free black ring box that is ready for gift giving to that special someone

- Free ring sizer! Select "Send Ring Sizing Kit" when you check out to secure the sale price

- Comfort Fit sizing allows for slightly extra room on the interior of the ring for a supreme fit & feel

If you have any additional questions, ring deadlines, or custom ring ideas - send a message and we'll get back to you ASAP. Pillar Styles looks forward to serving you and truly appreciate the opportunity!

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Please note due to demand, some wedding bands and rings sell out quickly or will have limited sizes available. If you see one you love, we suggest purchasing now to guarantee the style & size you need. You won't be disappointed! =)

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